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Game Night (2018) HD
Game Night (2018)
Year, country:
John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein
Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler
1h 40min
Several married couples who maintain long-standing friendly relationships came up with an extraordinary way of sharing fun. From time to time they find someone at home at night and arrange unusual games. First, they invent a fictitious crime to be carried out by a separate group, and then transgress the plan before implementation. The other team plays the role of experienced detectives and is taken to investigate the alleged offense. One day there is a terrible event that causes shock and confusion among all the participants of innocent fun. The fictitious victim of a murdered murder incredibly dies truly. Players are horrified, but gradually recovering from psychological anxiety, they come for their own forces to understand the difficult situation and find the killer. You can watch online 2018 Night Games in good quality free of charge without registration. At first, no one thought at all about the possible presence in their ranks of an insidious criminal, who specifically penetrated into their company, in order to cast suspicions and confuse detective players, pushing for a false trace. Soon the number of dead begins to increase, giving rise to panic among the friends. The crazy maniac continues the brutal massacre of innocent people who are in complete confusion. One of the couples is able to make a worthy resistance to the intricate sadist, trying to prevent the next crazy plan. The spouses are well thought out to develop an action plan that allows the villagers to be disposed of. Not easy to deceive a smart opponent, he has all the information about the further steps of potential victims. You have to show wisdom and courage.
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