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Inspired to Kill (2017) HD
Inspired to Kill (2017)
Year, country:
Michael Feifer
Olivia d'Abo, Antonio Sabato Jr., Karissa Lee Staples
1h 24min
Carey, the main character of the film has experienced a terrible loss - her loved one died under mysterious circumstances. Carey realizes that she can not stay here any longer and moves to Los Angeles. Carey has a very reliable and good friend Jason. She goes to Los Angeles, hoping to enter the journalism department. Once in place, Cara becomes a neighbor of Charlie, a cheerful and stylish lover of good alcohol and attractive men. Confident and charming Paul Reese, a writer-detective. Carey is fascinated by him at first sight. Between them, a love relationship is established. However, passion is not inferior to strange confluences of circumstances. The main character gets to know Jason, a modest and shy student. On the horizon of Cara appears imperturbable Paul. He easily gets her attention. He is a well-known author of detective novels, and his self-confidence is fighting all the girls on the spot. Cara is no exception. Soon she begins to fear for her life. Carey notes with horror that something terrible is starting around her. Who draws inspiration for murder communicating with her?
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