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Gringo (2018) HD
Gringo (2018)
Year, country:
Nash Edgerton
Joel Edgerton, Charlize Theron, David Oyelowo
1h 51min
Twenty American states have long legalized the use of marijuana by medical professionals to alleviate the symptoms of some serious illnesses. The easing of strict prohibitions and the permission to legally trade the widely demanded goods led to the rapid, successful development of entrepreneurship associated with the cultivation and implementation of hemp. In dubious business, huge finances are spinning, which is an attractive booty for many. Once a spectacular, sexy blonde with a dubious reputation, it's possible to convince wealthy investors of the benefit of the deal, which is to sell marijuana in the form of pills. Now you need to send a courier to Mexico for a lot of expensive raw materials. Execution of the uncomplicated operation entrusts the unsuccessful manager Harold, who is experiencing a cash deficit. Guy is an absolute failure, unable to decide on the choice of his vocation, so any actions with his participation are doomed to great trouble. Arriving at the motherland of Tequila, he decides to start a little fun before executing a serious commission. After drinking a fair amount of alcohol, the mountain-courier breaks the secrets of staying in the country strong strangers and turns out to be connected, lying in the trunk of a car. The strange guys were local gangsters and brought the unfortunate into an apartment of an influential drug baron. Harold is threatened with imminent death if he does not count on the expense of the thugs a huge amount owed to the drug dealers by his boss. For help fell into a dangerous, hopeless situation sent to an American professional specialist, who has extensive experience in difficult conditions.
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