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Ibiza (2018) HD
Ibiza (2018)
Year, country:
Alex Richanbach
Gwen Elizabeth Duchon, Gillian Jacobs, Michaela Watkins
1h 35min
Harper is an office worker who deals with everyday, monotonous, tired of labor, transforms his everyday life into an unprotected routine. Many months of continuous, led to a general fatigue and a burning desire to throw everything away and leave away from the ruffled city and professional duties, causing a yearning for freedom. Soon there are several free days that she persuades close friends to spend in sunny Ibiza. Friends are eagerly going to a joint voyage, buy plane tickets and go to the famous resort, where they plan to visit the popular DJ concert, dreaming to see the star personally. Arriving at the long-awaited festival, disappointed fans find out that the musician canceled the performance, but visited the official reception as an honorary guest. You can watch Ibiza Movie 2018 in good quality for free without registration. The girl realizes that there is a small chance to meet a deified idol, who has long been in love in love. She is persuading friends to drink spirits to get to the villa rented by the celebrity to chat directly with him alone. Dare after having drunk alcohol, the girlfriends develop sophisticated tactics for penetrating the territory of a luxurious mansion. They manage to successfully overcome the fence, and then it is incredible. Fans become spontaneous witnesses of an attack on a guy of intruder kidnappers. Shocked by the fact that the girls, recovering from fear a little, make decisions, take certain actions aimed at the release of the captive from the paws of unknown intruders. They begin their own investigation, encountering a lot of difficulties.
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