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Mamma o papà? (2017)
Year, country:
Riccardo Milani
Antonio Albanese, Paola Cortellesi, Luca Marino
1h 24min
As described in the film "Mom or Dad?", Fifteen years Valerie and Nicola were married couple. An uneasy decision to divorce, and they decided to do it in a civilized way. Nikola is a sought after gynecologist, Valerie is a very talented engineer. They have a magnificent house, where two sons and one daughter grow up. Suddenly, each of them received a favorable offer to work abroad. Complexity, in that with whom the children will remain. Valerie as an exemplary woman is ready to sacrifice her career. After fifteen years of marriage, Nicola and Valeria decided to divorce civilized. A good house, a wonderful job, she is an engineer, he is a gynecologist, three children, but they no longer love each other. So sometimes it happens and nothing can make people live together if the feelings, alas, faded away. Even three, jointly acquired by children can not make out is under one roof. After long decisions and conversations, at last the agreement on divorce was accepted. And everything would be fine. Each of them is already ready for independent life, has pleasant prospects for work, in particular, Nikola already planned to go abroad, where he was offered a good job. That's only with the cum to leave their own, already rather big, but also not adult children? Everything would have happened, but an absurd case came into play. Nikola twisted a love affair with a young nurse. This was learned by Valerie and now she no longer wants to go to meet her former spouse. Valeria initially agreed to stay with them, but when she learned that her ex-noblewoman had been screwing up a naughty young nurse, her whole being opposed to such a coincidence, the accepted gentleman's agreement kinotochka.club was torn. She rushed into battle, defending the right to a free life. Accordingly, Nicolas, already looking forward to how he will live freely and happily could not allow encroachments on his freedom. Children must decide with whom they should be. Dad and mom behave so that their sons and daughter dislike them. Valerie cuts out a bald head for Meyer before the graduation party, Nicola at the school party Melanie behaves like a complete idiot.The former spouses missed out on sight that behind their, serious war are watched by children...
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