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Favorites Only the Brave (2017)

Only the Brave (2017) HD
Only the Brave (2017)
Year, country:
Joseph Kosinski
Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges
2h 14min
A terrible catastrophe occurred in Arizona, which became widely known. In the forest, a terrible fire has arisen, which seized a large territory adjacent to the settlements. Fire with incredible speed spreads around the neighborhood, rapidly approaching the small nearby town of Jarnell. The local fire department has sufficient resources necessary to withstand the incredibly powerful onslaught of the uncontrollable, fiery element, has not. To fight the disaster send a special unit prepared for incidents that threaten. The sent qualified specialists work on developing an effective method of extinguishing especially hazardous areas in order to avoid victims and, if possible, to reduce the expected damage to forest inhabitants. They clearly adhere to job descriptions. Huge fire flashes hit the huge trees, spreading unpredictably and much faster than the fire brigade units that managed to react. The localization of the fire center in the established timeframe did not succeed in the usual ways. In the zone of the tragedy, air forces were thrown and powerful earth technology used to build fire-fighting embankments. Tons of water were dropped from the helicopters onto the inflamed section, deep trenches prevented the further advance of the raging flame. At the cost of nineteen lives of courageous rescuers, the elements were defeated, leaving behind terrible consequences, which became record for their disastrous results. The fire extinguishing for the first time ended in the tragic death of so many people who perform their unyielding duty.
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