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Victoria & Abdul (2017) HD
Victoria & Abdul (2017)
Year, country:
Stephen Frears
Judi Dench, Ali Fazal, Tim Pigott-Smith
1h 51min
The Queen of Great Britain was only eighteen years old from birth. She was able to keep power in her strong hands. Victoria continuously, persistently increased the territory of her kingdom. The Queen of Great Britain ascended the throne at a young age. She was able to hold power in strong hands for about a hundred long years. Victoria continuously, persistently increased the territory of her kingdom. A fair woman always surrounded with the care of loyal subjects, but her personal life she could not arrange and was terribly unhappy at heart. Immense wealth and unlimited power did not help her meet a decent, appropriate to the status queen's chosen man. An unforeseen, significant event happened in the fate of the ruler before the celebration of the golden jubilee. It was a great surprise to receive the right to high office by a young, little-known, twenty-four-year-old boy. Muhammad Abdul Karim was born and raised in a small Indian village. Sultry, from the first minutes of communication took possession of the elderly ruler. She appointed him his secretary for political affairs in India. The young man passed accelerated English language courses, and began to communicate with the lady. Despite the huge age gap and different social status. Unexpected appearance of the favorite and unwarranted of queen, provoke dislike of the environment.
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