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Love, Simon (2018) HD
Love, Simon (2018)
Year, country:
Greg Berlanti
Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel
1h 50min
The young fellow Simon Spir reached the age of sixteen and was clearly aware of the cardinal difference from his peers, since he was not at all interested in establishing relationships between relatives with the opposite sex. Soon the reason for a little strange behavior becomes clear enough, the young man finally becomes convinced that he is gay. This discovery creates many complications during the usual life, as it is necessary to hide carefully from classmates, relatives and other people about unconventional views on sexual relations. The guy has musical talent and is among the participants in the school, music theater, participating in numerous musicals, popular among fans of local talents. He decides to make his secret the plot of the next script for the play. On the Internet, Simon leads another life absolutely, on the site registering, designed to communicate with like-minded people. One day he met a pleasant interlocutor who had similar problems. New friends begin to actively communicate, many common find interests and topics for discussion, gradually realizing that virtual friendship has long been replaced by more exciting, romantic feelings. The schoolboy Martin learns about the secret side of the existence of a high school student, the ability to make fun of them, not losing sight of others around them, exposing them in an unattractive light. After a little reflection, he decides to not disclose the information received, but to use it for personal purposes. The blackmailer promises the gay to keep the secret, without destroying the existing reputation, if he helps win the favor of the first beauty of the school.
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