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Favorites One Percent More Humid (2017)

One Percent More Humid (2017)
Year, country:
Liz W. Garcia
Maggie Siff, Alessandro Nivola, Juno Temple
1h 38min
Catherine and Iris were close friends from an early age. They spent a lot of time together, almost never parting. But after graduation, they had to travel to different cities to enroll in the colleges they had chosen for vocational education. After several years of separation, they decide to spend the summer vacation together, going to a beautiful resort town to have fun and share the news that has accumulated over the period passed in separation. During this time, a number of important and interesting events occurred that affected the future fate and change in the character of adults who have gained some experience. They have fun, relax on the beach and share stories from their personal lives, experiences and all sorts of problems that inevitably occur on the path of any person. One of the girlfriends shares the most intimate. She has a sensual nature, perceiving the world around her very subtly and emotionally, sometimes writing poetry. Now she is diligently preparing for the thesis work and is passing a very interesting non-paid internship in a small shop. But not everything is smooth in its fate, as it looks outwardly. Once a young teacher, married, offers an attractive student help in preparing for a diploma. Communicating a mentor with a student gradually develops into a forbidden romance. The need to constantly hide their own feelings leads the girl to imminent depression, which is constantly growing and becoming unbearable. She can not cope with uncontrollable emotional outbursts on her own. Somehow, after a considerable portion of alcohol, she arranges a hysterics in a public place. The girl looks at me in surprise, not understanding what is happening.
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