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Birdland (2018) HD
Birdland (2018)
Year, country:
Peter Lynch
Kathleen Munroe, David Alpay, Benjamin Ayres
1h 29min
Sometimes reckless, reckless acts people independently cause occurrence at themselves every possible mania becoming obsessive and uncontrollable, demanding resolute intervention of experts. Participant of this particular story involuntarily becomes an ordinary, respectable citizen, who does not have any psychological deviations, or other disorders of the psyche. A young woman who previously worked in the police department as an investigator, begins to suspect her own husband of infidelity. Simple suspicions can not be an objective reason for starting a serious conversation about a possibly very serious problem in family relationships. In such situations it is senseless to make unfounded accusations, it is necessary to possess reliable information, absolutely undeniable facts. In order to obtain authentic, reliable materials that expose the deceiver in treacherous betrayal, she decides to use special equipment to organize round-the-clock surveillance, used to monitor potential criminals by policemen. She could not imagine that such an undertaking would end for her completely unpredictably, having unpleasant consequences, reflected in later life. The lady starts everywhere to follow the suspect in deceit by her husband and monitor his actions. Over time, she begins to enjoy the incredible pleasure of spying on strangers. As a result, the justified, well-founded desire to expose the traitor husband turns into a real voyeurism. Now she arranges observations, pursuing completely different goals than was originally intended.
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