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Alex Strangelove (2018) HD
Alex Strangelove (2018)
Year, country:
Craig Johnson
Kathryn Erbe, Madeline Weinstein, Isabella Amara
1h 39min
Alex Trulov is an example for the whole school. The ideal student, the class president and the round honors pupil - Alex is really worthy of imitation, and his brilliant future is not in anyone's doubts. He has a friend Claire, plans for the future after graduation and, of course, the desire to lose his virginity. However, after meeting with the homosexual Elliott, Alex begins to think about what place of his body he wants to lose this same virginity. Including, by the way, and the future is personal, since Alex meets with Claire, a local beauty, on which all the guys in the district are drying. But one day Alex met Elliot, a charismatic young man who made Alex doubt his own sexual orientation. Previously it seemed to him that he was heterosexual, but now, under the onslaught of gay propaganda and finding a friend of perverted sexual orientation, he began to doubt his own sexual preferences. So how will this strange love of Alex Trulov end, and will she cross out his predicted bright future?
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