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The Invisible Man (2017) HD
The Invisible Man (2017)
Year, country:
Khian Bartlett, Carol Damgen
Rene Abelar, Zachary Bray, Chris Coon
1h 28min
Jack Griffin has been working for many years to realize his idea of the invention of a unique serum. An ingenious minister of science conceived a great scientific discovery. He came to the undeniable opinion that mankind simply needed a means capable of turning any subject into invisibility. If all experiments complete with luck, then people will get a way to acquire abilities that open up great prospects in the future. The scientist worked on wear and tear, day and night conducting endless studies in the laboratory. Thousands of experiments did not lead to positive results, resulting in failure. The man was obsessed with his work and disinterested desire to benefit society. He did not think in detail about the possible negative consequences of the miracle drug. Later, he will understand how dangerous his invention is. Once, after numerous failures and disappointments, for the first time in a long time Jack gets positive reactions in one of the experiments and realizes that he is moving in his studies in the right direction. The laboratory animal, which was introduced a prototype, disappeared right before our eyes. Or rather, it has become invisible. Encouraged by the first success, the genius begins to improve the drug so that it can be tested on the human body. Being a risky and devoted person to science, Griffin, without fear of consequences and side effects, introduces serum to himself. The result is amazing. Blinded by the incredible success, he does not stop and completes the experiment. The consequences of ill-considered actions are sad. Poorly studied substance inexplicably affects the brain of the subject.
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