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Altar Egos (2017)
Year, country:
Sean Morgan
Robert Amaya, Isabella Antinori, Kaylyn Aznavorian
1h 26min
The Catholic pastor John, along with the faithful wife of Betsy, are devotees, religious ministers, holy all church observant canons. Deeply believing spouses devoted their entire lives to the church. They seemed to have frozen at one point. The number of devotees who are loyal to the divine principles does not increase. God-fearing couple understands that to take effective measures is necessary. After a bit of reflection, they decide on a rather brave, risky act, intending to change the traditional format of the upcoming Christmas. Mary Margaret, an elderly teacher who runs a church choir, takes the bold idea of a violent protest, not wanting to participate in such an event, contrary to generally accepted stereotypes and traditions. A stubborn woman organizes a kind of strike, announcing a public boycott to the pastor. There were troubled days for a couple of saints who failed to understand with a harsh representative to establish an older generation who does not want to change perennial habits and established views, considering them to be uncompromising values. The desperate clergyman finds a way out of the hopeless trying of a situation that has jeopardized the celebration Catholic celebration. He decides to resort to cunning, dressed up as an old man, but a clever trick will lead to unexpected, unpleasant consequences.
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